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Patient Testimonials

Surabhi Saxena

Well read and experienced. The cronic pain expert. Do take a try, if you have not till now. Technique works best with her enthusiastic attitude.

Abhinav Arora

Dr. Sunayna is best in the field. I used to have back ache as I was quite aggressive in the gym. She cured in within days.

Aditya Bora

Dr. Sharon was quickly able to diagnose the wrist ache my wife had for a long time and gave good treatment. Doctor is patient and explains the treatment in detail.

Mazda Naqvy

Dr.Sunayana, helped me recover from my severe back pain last year (2018), I would give her five stars for her efforts and dedication and the treatment she gave me. Thanks again for all your hard work and helping me come back on my feet again. God Bless.

Shakun Gupta

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Sunayana. She thoroughly explained me the root cause of my recurring pain and helped me manage it in a much better way.

Prerna Singh

Dr sunayna pays personal attention to her patients understands the issue well
she patiently guides you through your ailment along with the treatment and leaves no stone unturned in treating the root cause of pain.

Snigdha Sharma

Dr Sunayna is the best. She helped with my back pain. It was so difficult for me to even sit for 30 minutes due to the killing pain in my back. She helped me by relieving the pain, & she also taught me some effective exercises for preventing the pain from coming back.

Nitin Saxena

Dr sunayna helped me to come out of prolonged pain in my back. I suffered from chronic pain and could not walk more than 100m at a stretch. The pain reduced to half in a month and now I am able to walk a km.

Sahil Narain

Dr. Sunayana is one of the best physiotherapists that we’ve come across. My grandmother and my parents all have been receiving treatment from her. She understands each patient’s needs very well and treats them with great results!